Work It

In order for your work from home business to work, you must work at it every day.  You need to treat it like a business, or it will not be one.

Some tips to help you do that are:

Set Business Hours

Set aside a certain time everyday to work on your business.  It doesn’t need to be a long time, but consistent.  When you are working, treat that time as you would if you were working for someone else outside the home.  Show respect for your own time and your own business, and you will begin to see results.

Eat the Frog First

Eating the frog first means doing the things you find most difficult or unpleasant in  your work first.  If your work involves calling people every day, and you find the phone weighing 500 pounds, do that first thing and get it over with.  You will feel good about it, like you accomplished something important in your work, and proud that you followed through.

Keep Good Records of Your Tasks and Accomplishments

If you need to follow-up with people, keep track of that.  If you need to check statuses on accounts, keep track of what you do so you have a running log of what you are doing everyday.  This helps you keep on track, pick up where you left off when you work again, stay organized and keep your team members in the loop.

Dress the Part

When you dress for your work at home, it helps you treat the job with more respect and helps you to be focused on the work.  Some people reap significant financial rewards for their work from home.  You can bet those people don’t sit around all day in pajamas, loungers and robes when they are working.  They treat their work professionally and that is one reason they are successful.  You may not have to dress in a suit and tie, or pant suit, but at least casual business sets the tone.

Keep Your Work Environment Safe

Working from home has many of the same work hazards as working elsewhere.  We have a tendency to think those issues are non-existent in a work from home office, but they are there.  Keep your work area tidy and clean, keep food and drink away from electronics, and make sure the floor areas around chairs, desks and credenzas is kept free from clutter.  Get up and walk around at least every hour and stretch your leg muscles regularly.

Article written  by Martha Robards, May 23, 2019

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