Quit Taking It Personally

Qtip 12-10-14

I attended a class recently where one of my fellow students passed out a q-tip to each of us. She said she had learned this lesson years ago in a psychology class and it applied to what we were learning that day. Of course, a few said, “Q-tip? What’s this for?” She smiled and said, “Quit taking it personally.” I keep it in my purse.


Lesson learned.


We hear it all the time. We hear it from our mentors, our leaders, our team members. I hear it and I say it. “They’re not saying no to ‘you’, they’re just saying no to the invitation right now.” Or, “Don’t worry. Next time more people will show up. Best foot forward.” I repeat all of that positive self talk constantly. Still, once in awhile, there is a nagging doubt, a feeling that they said ‘no’ because of me – something I said or something I did.


Hence, the q-tip.


When seeds of self-doubt begin to be planted, do whatever possible to stop them from taking root. When we are working hard every day; following our schedule and routine; know our product; are presenting the product or offering an invitation to look at it – and are doing these things regularly, we will hear ‘no’. We will hear objections. Remember though, to quit taking it personally and move on. Keep going. Everyone has their own ideas and opinions about products, business models and companies. If our job is to invite someone to look at ours, and we do, and they say ‘no’, move on. Quit taking it personally. If we take it personally every time, it will be hard for us to move on and keep going. I keep the q-tip in my purse.