If presentations are a part of your ‘working from the luxury of your own home’ business, you will find helpful information here on preparing and giving good presentations.  I like to say, “I’m in the presentation business”, because a big part of what I do is give presentations.  I give several a week. I get a lot of practice, but I find that there are always areas where I can improve.

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If your presentation is already put together for you, practice is still important.  If you receive your presentation on-line like I do, more than likely it is being updated regularly.  That means if you don’t know what’s been updated, you may start to give your presentation and find there is new information in it that you didn’t know about.  Always practice your presentation before giving.  Go through it and make sure you know what is in there and how you are going to present it.

If you’re presentation is in a Power Point format, or Open Office Presentation, or another presentation program, add or delete slides that are or are not relevant to your current topic and audience.

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Be yourself and be natural.  Know your product and/or your company.  Smile, relax and warm up to your audience.  Be friendly and outgoing.  Don’t worry too much about what you’re going to say, but concentrate on reaching your audience.  If you are prepared, what you say will come naturally.  Remember,  your audience has not heard this presentation yet.  There is something in your presentation that audience will learn and take away from.

If possible, have something your audience can take with them; a summary of the presentation, a sample product, a few screen shots of the some slides.

If the purpose of your presentation is to move your audience to make a decision on buying something, or enrolling in something, make that part of your presentation.   It needs to be in there, even if they say ‘no’, because you don’t know who will say ‘yes’.  If you leave that out, you take away the opportunity for them to choose to say ‘yes’.

Here are some other ideas for giving a good presentation:

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