Making it Work

There are basic principles to make your business a success.  To name a few,  commitment, perseverance and integrity are necessary, and you will have the support, backing and encouragement you need for your endeavors as you build your business.

Keep it simple.  Its easy to make things difficult.  Just because something is easy doesn’t mean everybody wants to do it.

In direct selling, there are time tested, proven methods that can be learned to provide the desired outcome.  These methods can be learned by reading them and then applying them, hearing them on a tape or CD and then applying them, or hearing and seeing them at an event, seminar or training class and then applying them.

Reinventing the wheel is time-consuming and distracting.  It has already been done.  Work smart, not hard.

Stay Focused.   Making the decision to build your business, improve your health, reach a goal, get out of debt, or become a greener consumer is the first step to reaching your goal.   After that, staying focused by continuously bring ourselves back into focus is what will greatly improve success.  Allowing distractions to take our time, our vision and our attention will slow or stop the progress.  It is important to stay focused, on point.

Learn From Your Mistakes.  If something you are doing isn’t working, switch it up.  The question was recently asked by an awesome coach, “What do you learn when you fail?” How interesting. We should all ask ourselves that. The things that hurt instruct, if we are willing to accept that instruction.   Failing at something can simply be an opportunity for us to see that we need to it differently.  That’s not bad failure.


Get yourself out of your way. -Martha Robards

Be brief, above all things, be brief.  -Calvin Coolidge


Always work on becoming a better you.