Keep the ‘Net’ Connected

We all need networks. Networks are necessary in many aspects of life; our families, our friends, our work. Networks involve other people. We need each other.

In our work, our networks allow us establish association with other people who can help us reach our goals. Not only that, but we can help them reach their goals. We usually represent something bigger than ourselves, and our networks carry that ‘something bigger’ on, even when we can’t. Because we are part of group, a team, focused on a certain goal, a ‘something bigger’, we work together for the same purpose. If one of us, for some reason, can’t accomplish a certain task, someone on our team, in our network, our group, can pick up the ball and run with it for us. They can help us over the hump; get through the difficult time. We have to know each other and trust each other to help each other. That takes time, patience and consistent communication. It takes a track record of trust. Take the time to get to know the people in your network. None of us can do it alone. Very often we need somebody.

Even George Washington realized the importance of a network. It was written about him, “Washington now realized that isolated agents … ran the risk of stultifying their achievements by reason of working on their own. … The best way of removing this risk was by establishing a network.” Anatomy of Spying, Ronald Seth, Dutton,1963. In this case, (though not the same line of work as most of us) the necessity of a ‘network’ was realized and acted upon.

Try to establish personal contact with those in your network on some level daily. Set aside a certain time to do that, and be faithful in doing it regularly. It will pay off in the long run.