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Occupational Wellness

By Martha Robards

Occupational wellness, one of the eight aspects of wellness, is about enjoying your occupational endeavors and feeling like you are making a difference and contributing.

Helping Each Other 1-30-18

Sometimes, however, occupational endeavors seem to be more about making a living and putting food on the table. There are times when enjoying our jobs and doing it just to have an income seem to collide.

If you don’t enjoy your current job, there are things you can do to help. You can try to find something that better suits you. To do that you have to know what suits you. You do have to take some time to get to know yourself and what you do and do not prefer. HINT: It takes time. Do what you can now, do the best you can where you are, be consistent and don’t give up. Your time will come.

Check Your Attitude

Sometimes simply changing our attitude about our own circumstances and position in our current jobs makes a big difference. Here are some tips to help you come up with ideas to make your current job more enjoyable:

  1. Get motivated to face the day to day. Do some positive self-talk. It’s okay.
  2. Keep your work in perspective. Do the best you can in your current situation, keeping the bigger picture in mind.
  3. Remember you are more than your work. You are not your job and your job is not you. It’s what you do.


Make a Change

If you are looking for a different occupational opportunity, take your time, do your research and stay employed while you do that. Side hustles (aka moonlighting) are as popular now as ever.

When you look for something to earn extra money, keep in mind that it will take time, energy and organization to pull this off. You can do it, but have a plan. Do research to fully understand what is involved. Think about:

  1. How much time will be involved?
  2. What is the learning curve?
  3. What kind of training does it provide?
  4. Is it a solid company?
  5. Will you work from home?

Working From Home 1-30-18

Mainly, be persistent and consistent in your efforts. Don’t let things easily discourage you. There are aspects about every job, every side hustle – every day life, that are not necessarily fun. Get through it with a smile.

I finally found one that’s worked for me for awhile. I love it.

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‘It’s Very Rewarding’

The other day, my grandson posted on Facebook that he was thinking about volunteering in his brother’s class, at the suggestion of the teacher. I posted back that, “It’s very rewarding”. As I thought about what the rewards would have been for me, I wondered if the rewards would be the same for him. I decided that most likely they wouldn’t be, because it would be a whole different experience for each of us.


For all of us, the rewards we gain from certain activities are different. For some, the reward of having a home-based business is that they can avoid a long commute. For others, it is that they want to be home with their children; and for yet others, it is the potential for the income that can come from many home-based businesses.

At Home Working in Slippers (c) martha robards

Working at home in slippers – aaahhh!


Whatever my grandson’s ‘reward’ for volunteering in his brother’s class ends of being for him, I hope it creates in him the desire to continue and spurs him forward, and I will always encourage him – and for those who work in a home-based business, or are considering doing so, think about what the ‘rewards’ are or would be for you, and let them spur you on. Like the dangling carrot, we have to be able to see the rewards to keep moving toward them.


Dangling Carrot 12-22-14 from Microsoft

Keep your rewards in front of you

12-24-14 UPDATE:    Our grandson loved volunteering in his brother’s class.   Some of the ‘rewards’ he realized were seeing the kids’ reactions to receiving and giving.   Seeing the rewards for our good work can be a great source of joy for us, which can help us to have a happy, thankful disposition. Then we begin to look forward to the reward, and it can become like the dangling carrot – something we are pursue.

So, reach out! Think about the ‘rewards’ that can come from doing positive things, and do it! Set the goals and rewards in front of you.   You can reach your home-based business goals and reap the rewards.

Our Reactions Are on Us

If you don’t have anything to fall back on, you won’t have anything to fall back on. Hello. Prepare yourself for how you can react to ALL kinds of different responses in work, family life and play; different events, different circumstances. It helps. Families can do this as a family activity for parents to teach their children. Team mates can do it in strategic planning meetings. Role play. martha