Week of May 29, 2016 Posts

If you’re doing the work, but not seeing the results you think you should, don’t give up doing the work. Your time will come. You are still successful. Sometimes the timing isn’t exactly right, but it will be if you don’t give up. Take a sneak peek into the goals, habits and attitudes of people […]

Week of May 22, 2016 Posts

May 29 · Make your life the best it can be. Write down your goals. Get to work. Don’t procrastinate. There is an old proverb that says that those who want to build a house count the cost first. That’s part of what making goals does for us. It helps us design the plan. May […]

Tell Your Story

No one has a bad story; so don’t be afraid to tell yours. We all have a story to tell about why we did something or stopped doing something and how it helped us. When we share our experiences with others when we are telling them about what we do, we are building trust. Whether […]

Keep the ‘Net’ Connected

We all need networks. Networks are necessary in many aspects of life; our families, our friends, our work. Networks involve other people. We need each other. In our work, our networks allow us establish association with other people who can help us reach our goals. Not only that, but we can help them reach their […]

‘It’s Very Rewarding’

The other day, my grandson posted on Facebook that he was thinking about volunteering in his brother’s class, at the suggestion of the teacher. I posted back that, “It’s very rewarding”. As I thought about what the rewards would have been for me, I wondered if the rewards would be the same for him. I […]