Monthly Archives: April 2014

Opportunity – Webster’s Defines

“According to the Webster’s Comprehensive Dictionary, opportunity is ‘a favorable position or chance.’ When the situation or positions that you need are not available, you must create them.” — Floyd Flake, The Way of the Bootstrapper

Discipline – Yes; Regrets – No

Discipline weighs ounces, but regrets weigh pounds. When we stick to our plan, we see results. You cannot move forward and something not happen. It is inevitable. As the saying goes, “A rolling stone gathers no moss.” Taking no action, not sticking to our plan of action, makes us discouraged and lethargic. Then we have regrets and they start weighing us down.

Learning From Failing

The question was recently asked by an awesome coach, “What do you learn when you fail?” How interesting. We should all ask ourselves that. The things that hurt instruct, if we are willing to accept that instruction. — Martha

Shoring Up the Holes

Let’s find out where our holes are, and shore them up.   When we examine continuously where our weaknesses are, we are able to re-evaluate what we need to do do keep going.  Otherwise, we may be losing water, and don’t even know it.  When that happens, before we even have a chance to realize what is happening, we are in emergency mode, shoveling the water out of the boat.