Monthly Archives: February 2014

Great Teacher Invitation

A great teacher invites you to stand next to him and see for yourself.
Another great thing we heard this past weekend. :)

Isn’t that true? How much more we learn from a teacher who allows us to see for ourselves, feel for ourselves, read for ourselves. When we have been allowed to experience for ourselves that something really does work; that it really is true and so, then we learn deeply enough that it becomes a part of our thinking and actions. © – Martha Robards

We Are Like Babe

“Babe chewed the bit and began backing away from the stream. Holding the reins firmly, Brian urged her back to the crossing two different times. Each time she edged away and refused to enter the water. Brian could feel his temper rising. If he had a switch, he’d make her go! Then he thought, “‘This isn’t the way to manage a horse!’”

“Brian dismounted. Holding the reins in one hand, he walked up to Babe’s head and rubbed her nose. Talking quietly, he led her to the water’s edge. He scooped up some muddy water in his hand and he let her sniff it. Then he climbed into the saddle and patted her neck. ‘Go on, Babe.’ he coaxed. ‘You can make it.’”

“He tapped the horse gently. She pointed her ears forward, shook her head, then placed a foot in the water. Brian let her take her time. His hands were firm and his voice steady as he urged her on. Soon Babe was in the stream, reaching for a footing as the water swirled above her knees.” — Top Hand at Palouse, Seletha A. Brown

People are sometimes like Babe. With steady, gentle and firm coaxing (coaching), they can be well on their way. — Professional Mentors International