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Mentoring – Giving and Receiving

There are many tools available to help each of us. They include personal phone calls, texting, emailing, videos, podcasts, conference calls, etc.


Some of us may be mentors, leaders, directors who utilize these tools to reach out to our downline, distributors, marketing assistants — those we are helping, mentoring. We may be diligent in doing that, even when we are not in our regular routine. Rarely can we use all of these tools at the same time, and it is important to realize that not all people respond to a certain type of mentoring the same way. Some need personal phone calls, some are good with just a video, some do better with conference calls and some need one on one. We may need a different form of help at a different time in our life.


We as mentors need to do what we can to reach those we are mentoring – make sure they understand that we are trying to reach them, what we are trying to teach them; and learn which way they learn best. Then we can better help others.


Being coachable is also an important part of being mentored. We are not only mentors, but we too are always being mentored. We need to be teachable. We need to let our mentors know when we need more help and what that is. We need to realize that our mentors are working hard to help us, and show our appreciation for all the work they do. If we are having a hard time with a certain type of learning, then it would be helpful to let our marketing executive or director know. This will allow him or her to adjust how they are training us to be more beneficial.



Attitude is an intellectual choice.  People don’t want to own that.  We are not victims of a bad attitude.  Remember, its a choice!

10 Principles of Good Attitude:  (there are many more)

1.  Wait to worry.  Anxiety empties today of its strength.

2.  Attitude and gratitude.  Be thankful for what you have.

3.  Your health is your wealth.  Take care of it.

4.  Have a good belly laugh.

5.  Joy boomerangs.  Give it away.

6.  Losing the fight write.  Keep a journal.

7.  Keeping the faith.  Persevere.

8.  Learn to say no graciously.  People will detour you to fulfill their own dreams.

9.  Understand the power of discipline.

10.  Surround yourself with positive people.

Keep It Simple

Its easy to make things difficult.  Just because something is easy doesn’t mean everybody wants to do it.

In direct selling, there are time tested, proven methods that can be learned to provide the desired outcome.  These methods can be learned by reading them and then applying them, hearing them on a tape or CD and then applying them, or hearing and seeing them at an event, seminar or training class and then applying them.

Reinventing the wheel is time-consuming and distracting.  It has already been done.  Work smart, not hard.